Rosie and Leafers

Rosie, Leafers & PawPaw

A story and a song (and a stuffed animal) by SingingSueBee, Illustrated by Marie Sabatino Goodwin.

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Rosie, lives with her Mama, and grandpa who everyone calls PawPaw because he used to rescue dogs.  Leafers is a stuffed animal toy that PawPaw gave to Rosie before he passed.  After PawPaw passes, Rosie doesn’t understand where he went, or why he had to leave.  The answers come through Mama, and a little imagination and help from the Leafy Fairies because every once in a blue moon -- when a full moon appears twice in one month which is rare and special -- the Leafy Fairies get to work to share love to the animals and animal toys that have been given to children by the ones who watch over them.  This story resides in the imagination of a girl who ponders where her PawPaw went, and just how beautiful life can be.


Sue Broudy is a singer songwriter, End-of-Life doula, and a Reiki Master.  This story was initially inspired by one of her grandchildren and grew to be a tool to talk with children about people who pass on.  End of life is part of life, sometimes sad but never scary, as we chat about and remember our loved ones together.

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Here's Rosie...


Here's me and Leafers!


Music is alive in these woods!
Imagination Lovers
Prayer Wheel
I hear the Canaan train blowing, through the back woods tonight, it's not just me you see, that feels a certain knowing...
Original tunes, enjoy!