Journey Home

Sue Broudy
Sue Broudy


This song was created for the Alliance for Conscious Transitioning, ( whose mission is to help open the conversation and provide resources and services to support and embrace end-of-life transition.  This new endeavor has helped me to tune in and write a little differently, not as a performer, but as a vehicle to help sooth and comfort.  As an artist you are constantly creating in your head and your heart, and sometimes, doing something different is exactly right.  I hope you enjoy.


JOURNEY HOME                                                                           




Voices sing in the stars, to you

Trees reach out with their arms, for you


All these things we know will help

With your long journey home


Sit still be still, lay your ego down

Feel the hummm, what a wonderful sound


I will love you every day until the day I die.  I die.

And as time goes by, I will love you forever more


You will see me in your dreams at night

You will know I’m there, without sight


The darkest of nights will soon see the light

Music is alive in these woods!
Imagination Lovers
Prayer Wheel
I hear the Canaan train blowing, through the back woods tonight, it's not just me you see, that feels a certain knowing...
Original tunes, enjoy!