End-of-Life Doula

This is me, and meet Barbara, the Founder of Liphe Balance Center in Weston, CT.  She began the thought process of Conscious Dying Matters out of her own feelings about death, dying, and living.  I received training at her center and have since become certified as an End-of-Life Doula...and the journey began....


We have teamed up to serve our community and to provide support at this most sacred time by energetically holding space with pure intention for those in transition, and those family members who stand by to witness.  We bring training and knowledge to the bedside for the family and client, as guided, and as needed.


Training includes the following modalities and wisdom traditions:

-End of Life Doulas, I.N.E.L.D.A. Certified

-Regional Hospice and Palliative Care Trained

-Certified Reiki Masters

-Buddhist Clear Light Society trained

-Bhakti Center, NYC, chaplain training


We bring bedside services to the client and their families:

-Calming Reiki Energy...holding space for the family and client

-Music, Chanting, Readings, Breathing techniques...to ease anxiety

-Legacy work...for remembrance

-Vigil planning...protocol and management of visitors

-Facilitating conversation with the family, family counseling

-Follow-up meetings...for closure and grief processing

-Monthly conversations about life, death and dying at the Liphe Balance Center


Death is not the opposite of life, but a part of it.

-Haruki Murakami


Our practice is non-denominational, and we honor all faiths and traditions.


Email: suebroudy@gmail.com or call Barbara 203-912-2791



The most heartbreaking event possible was transformed by love into something actually beautiful. -Paul Zalon, Fairfield, CT

Barbara and Susan bring the heart of compassion into their committed and beautiful work with the dying. -Henry Fersko-Weiss, NJ



Listen to a short interview about our work:



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