time is a blink

Wow, it's been a year!  I was completely tuned out to writing on this platform, and then, whaaaat?!? a year has passed since my last post.  Some blogger I am, hahah!


Who cares, though, really?  It's just me trying to be creative sometimes in my expression about living this life.  I need to write and journal, but forgot to do that here.


I don't mean to be flippant, truly.  I'm feeling we're all, myself as well, completely distracted and inundated with so much information coming from so many different sources.  Do you feel overwhelmed sometimes?  It seems easy to get lost as time keeps whizzing by, accelerated almost, and rest seems paramount.  It's been easy for me to ignore some things, like writing here.  I don't think anyone is reading this anyway, and if you are, please leave a message at the bottom of this post!  I need more time now for silence and meditation, and NOT thinking with all the unique and powerful energy that is coming onto the planet these days.


In the last year I tried to sell my house, did a number of annoying renos in preparation, kept it so spanking and sparkling clean, then... didn't sell my house.  So here we sit stay in a corner of some Connecticut woods.

This year I've written two more new books for children: "How To Be A Bee" and "Otto's Owl" and will endeavor to find a way to get them published. 


This past year a third grandchild showed up after a few challenges of being able to come through.  Wow, what an angel if I do say so... :-)) 

This year as I care for my elderly mom who turned 95, I feel the ebbing of time.  Everything thing has slowed way down for her, and pondering the journey she now faces, sure as a shootin' star, I hope to be of some help.  I am a trained and certified End-of-Life Doula yet I dunno, it's harder when it's your mom... She lives right next store and needs my energy and focus right now.  She's a beauty isn't she?


This year a new dog showed up to join the family, she needed to be re-homed and I already knew her, so I said yes.  Caring for others seems to be in my wheelhouse, you think?  She's human in a dog suit.


I will remember every day that I AM loved, and that I AM enough.  I will feel grateful for all that I AM and all that I AM blessed to be involved with.  I will try to let the emotions come, and go, and release what doesn't work (arguing, anger, ego, frustration, lack) and embrace what does... LOVE, and compassion and empathy and PATIENCE.

I AM YOU.  As above so below.





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