Studio Unicorn

Open Road had a recording session at Studio Unicorn last week  We finished off two songs:  Lovely and One Easy Night.  They’re being mixed by Paul Avgerinos.  Nancy Burger and Scott Weber co-wrote Lovely and Sue Broudy and Scott Weber co-wrote One Easy Night.  We sing three-part harmony on both tunes. 

A recording studio is one of my favorite places to be, in the company of awesome musicians, tracking a song…  Nothing on this planet makes me feel more centered or alive than singing and working this songwriting craft.  Working with Scott Weber and his awesome guitar playing is such a joy, as a singer you feel completely safe, and harmonizing with Nancy is where the fun resides.  Sharing music is an intimate process.  You want it to be perfect, you don’t want to disappoint your mates.  Some days are better than others, even with the best of professional intentions to do the best job, and not waste anyone’s time.  The additional pressure of the studio clock ticking away by the hour can be distracting as well.  Yet Nancy and Scott are filled with love and light, they beam as I do when they’re making music.  They respect the process and we all come prepared.  How lucky to have such trust with these individuals.

Here's me being happyhappy...

It also doesn’t hurt when Mr. Weber goes into his impersonation of FogHorn LegHorn…I dunno why, but it cracks us up!

Here’s what I know for sure.  If you love music, you must always find a way to have it in your life, at whatever level you’re at.  The simple participation of playing or singing is a great place to reside.  Your brain chemistry changes (it’s science :-).  And if you’re lucky enough to meet or find some people to share music with, life gets even sweeter.  Don’t make excuses, just do it.


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