Standard Singing

The singer part of me in this singer/songwriter body loves to sing standard tunes from the Great American Songbook.  These classics are some of America’s most popular songs of the 20th century, principally created for Broadway, musical theatre, and Hollywood musical films.  When I used to compete in an a cappella quartet and travel around the country singing barbershop tunes (that had those perfect 7th chords in them) we often picked standard tunes, with sentimental lyrics.  I love them.


The songwriter geek part of me analyzes that the semantic layout in these songs is more important than poetic structure in the definitions of these standard lyrical song types, so the SLTs (sentimental lyric types as they’re called) are characterized by the sentential shapes of their overall narrative trajectories. While poetic meter, rhyme scheme, and exact line length contribute significantly to the sentential quality of particular lyrics and to the word-music interactions in those songs, these three elements of poetic structure do not factor into the essential definitions of the SLTs because they are highly variable within each type.  Sorry I can’t help it… this stuff interests me even if I don’t get it right myself, hahahaa!  Bottom line:  lyrics matter.

Here’s an old tune called How Deep Is The Ocean


Recorded at  in Ridgefield, CT with the owner Patrick Nimmo, who in my opinion, has a sublime voice!  Just me and him in a booth.  Well, not at the same time.  We used a backing track for this in an effort to save some doe ray me, and we tracked separately.  Let me know what you think.  Eventually, we’ll have a collection of our very favorite standard tunes!

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