Rosie, Leafers & PawPaw

Just finishing up a project that's in production this year.  A song, a story and a stuffed animal...


Rosie, Leafers & PawPaw

A story, a song and a stuffed animal by SingingSueBee, illustrated by Marie Sabatino Goodwin.

Rosie, illustrated by the talented Marie Sabatino to be any young girl, lives with her Mama, little brother, and granddad who everyone calls PawPaw because he used to rescue dogs.  Leafers is Rosie’s toy stuffed dog that PawPaw made for her before he passed.  (Rosie’s brother is allergic and can’t have dogs in the house.)  Leafers is as soft as a pillow.  When PawPaw passed, Rosie doesn’t understand where he went, or why he had to leave.  The answers come through Mama, and a little imagination and help from the Leafy Fairies because every once in a blue moon -- when a full moon appears twice in one month, a rare occurence -- the Leafy Fairies get to work to distribute a special love to the animals and animal toys that have been given to children by the ones who watch over them.  This story resides in the imagination of a girl who ponders through where her PawPaw went, and just how beautiful the world can be.

Leafers, the stuffed animal, who hasn't been made yet, will be additional.


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