Rosie and Leafers

Sometimes, a story will just come to you.  The creative process is a quixotic creature… Lately I’ve been inspired by my oldest grandchild (and yet-to-be-born grand children).

Watching my oldest grandchild play in her back yard is a joy.  She has reminded me to stay open to imaginative thoughts, and let the story take you places that don’t make sense, but somehow it all ends up okay. 


Rosie is a character in her likeness.  She likes to pick flowers, which is how she got her name.  She is lithe with blond hair falling over her shoulders and huge sky-blue eyes.  She is kind and observant.  Rosie has a favorite stuffed animal whose name is Leafers.  Leafers is a silky, white-haired dog who comes alive every once in a blue moon with the help of fairie folk.  Leafers comes from the fairie folk and his green eyes are just like theirs, like the new green leaves of a spring tree after a long winter.  The fairie folk show up every spring and leave sparkling fairie dust on the blades of grass and leaves of the trees.  Rosie and Leafers go everywhere together, she tells him all her secrets. 


I wrote a song about the imagination of Rosie and Leafers, and want to have the story illustrated and dedicated to my grandchildren.  I have the visuals in my head already, just need to find an illustrator…I reside in music, but drawing's a whole 'nother story!  These children will always have my heart.  The story is called:

Rosie and Leafers and the adventure to the Grassius Forest of the Vast Lawn somewhere in Fairfield, New England.  Here are the song lyrics...

Have you ever seen the fairy dust, lying on the grass

When the sun is shining down so bright, they move so fast

Have you ever seen the tress outside after a morning shower?

When the sun comes out and warms the earth, is when they have their power.

You'll smile, you will smile, you will smile.

I know they're watching over you, I know I've heard them laugh

They're hiding in the tall green grass, they'll help you if you ask

If you're ever feeling lost and sad, search out the light

Just stop and look, and listen close, their laughter shines so bright

You will smile, you will smile, you will smile, and remember me.

When I'm not here to play with you, when it's time for Bethy's cloud*

I'll fly so high into the sky, you'll hear my heart out loud

I'll watch you grow and play and laugh, and always see you through

Grow strong and kind and understand, like mine and Bethy's...your heart so true.

You will smile, you will smile, you will smile, and remember me

Lye on your back and watch the stars, please name one for me

Breathe it all in and love it all out, the best is yet to be!

Breathe it all in and love it all out, the best is yet to be

You will smile, you will smile, you will smile, and remember me.

*Bethy's cloud was named after a grandparent who left us a little early.  The place we say in the story where people who aren't alive anymore go to rest and learn. 

p.s.  the little yellow-tight legs and cowboy boots on my landing page are my granddaughter's, sitting on the edge of a stage with me :-)

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