You are both the creator and the created. And neither creator nor creation is meant to be suppressed. When you live in a state of openness, you are allowing the art piece of you, to be painted across this world. You are not restricting yourself. You are also not restricting Source itself. Because of this, it is by far the more "in alignment" way to be. And it can easily be said that walking the spiritual path, is walking the path of complete openness.

-Teal Swan,

I know that taking care of self is not the same as selfishness.  There is a distinction to be sure, but I’ve had a harder time separating how to actually live for my true self, as it has often felt selfish to put myself first before others.  I’ve raised a family, I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a friend to many, and those roles have always pushed the true Sue to last in line, or to leftover time. 

I now try to be more aware of self, and what really resonates from within.  Being a songwriter is a true form of self expression.  I love to write, I have a need to express, and I often start with just a nugget of truth, but it often leads to interesting ‘other’ places... as long as I stay open.  When I force, when I rush, it become inauthentic.

Here are some lyrics I’ve been working on this week, and I suspect the music will get tighter as the song evolves.  I’ve been fooling around in DADF#AD tuning, which is a tuning that resonates with me, and is easy to compose in.  These thoughts feel like a youthful self. 


Stay With Me

A river runs through
My beating heart
I never knew
I could feel so good, so good
I want you to stay

The night is young
The moon’s on the rise
We see our shadows
As we swim with the stars

So why don’t you stay
Stay, stay here with me
Please won’t you

I wouldn’t go as far
As to say we’re in love
My, but look at all those stars
Out tonight, Oh tonight

Why don’t you stay
Stay, stay here with me
Please won’t you

We can drink our fill
Give thanks to the night
Go against our will
Sit right here…


Let’s see if this song idea gets flushed out.  Some songs do, and some don’t.  There are many steps, a long way – from ideation to finished product -- from thoughtfulness of craft to practice and revisions to arrangements to musicians to recording to posting and distribution.  It is a process… but I will endeavor to stay open.


Katharine Smith
April 11, 2015 @05:56 am
There's so much frustration and joy in the creative process... am going through it myself on my own artistic journey. Never quite know where it will land, but the passion and drive never waver. Failures are successes further on down the road. These are beautiful lyrics. Can't wait to see where they land-

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