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early pencil sketch by Marie Sabatino Goodwin

Songwriting, writing, it’s pretty similar, and always just a creative form of expression, or one hopes anyway!   I just finished writing a story, for my granddaughter, but I’m hoping the message will carry forward to you as well.  Just using my imagination, and my granddaughter’s reminders of how to think with magic.  I’ve also written a song that I posted the lyrics to in a previous post. This is being recorded in August 2015.  The story is done and being illustrated this fall.  If I’m lucky and clever enough, I also want to film a short 3-min video with the new song and some of the book illustrations along with shots of my granddaughter flying through her back yard singing to the fairies and holding onto her stuffed animal toy “Leafers”!  Grandma Sue’s song will always remind her (and my future grandchildren) just how much I love my family, no matter what.

The story – Rosie and Leafers – is about a girl and her toy dog, a stuffed animal that might magically come alive under just the right circumstances every once in a blue moon.  Here’s an excerpt:

Every once in a blue moon, when a full moon appears twice in one month, which only happens every two to three years, the Leafy Sky Flyer fairies get to work to distribute a special love to the doggie animal toys that have been given to children by the ones who watch over them.  It has to be just after a warm, late spring rain shower, before the dandelions are out, and before the blue moon rises.  At this very special time The Leafy Sky Flyer fairies are busy deep down in the grass and high up on the leaves of the trees.  Their special job is to make sure the toys remember to bring happiness and love to their owners.  They fly so fast their iridescent wings shed tiny particles of dust, which makes the grass twinkle and the leaves sparkle.

Rosie, who is a very special girl, lives with her mama and granddad whom everyone calls PawPaw.  PawPaw is very old now and needs to have a little extra help, so Rosie’s mama is taking care of him.  PawPaw got his name because he raised and took care of many dogs.  At one time PawPaw had six doggies.  He rescued many of them from dog shelters, and sometimes found abandoned dogs on the street.  He always found them loving homes.  Rosie has heard many stories.  She remembered once that PawPaw told her that he had help from the fairie folk who sometimes visit in the spring.  His green eyes twinkled when he told her this.  She asked him“What do the fairies look like PawPaw?”  He always said “Maybe someday you’ll find out!”  Now PawPaw has gotten too old to look after any more doggies, but on the night before the blue moon he said “Spring is coming my beautiful flower girl, and tomorrow will surely be a special day.”…

From the fairies…

Paar u na presh pra vuch
Bru a buruski bel a nush
Sti arnervat kel vis bra usut
Gra stra u sabervi esh tra ulmirat

Impart not these words to those of impure thought
Keep them close to your heart
When impurities enter the fairy realms, fairies could die

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