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I am so excited to finally share a book project that was started back in 2015... as I raced out of the gate with an idea to fuel my need to create, I was in such a hurry to get this book done.  However, working with a magnificent illustrator who had such a strong visual story to tell, it took much longer than I anticipated, so I let go of trying to rush it.  Marie Sabatino Goodwin is a fine artist from Palermo who now lives in upstate NY.  She is a dear friend and we have shared many adventures.  This project became another adventure as she decided to use a lot of mixed media along with her fine arts applications.  The story then marinated and evolved as I saw her illustrations come to life.  It became a very organic process of expression and details.

This story is about love ... of family.  It's also about loss ... born out of my work as an end-of-life doula.  It's about expression of love ... the song came before the story.  And, it's about imagination ... we are free to believe and imagine anything we want to.  I believe in fairies, I believe in dream time, I believe in love.

The Rosie and Leafers story is a book and a song (and a stuffed animal).  It is a great tool to use if you need to talk with children about death, and why someone might seem to disappear from their lives.  Rosie is around 5 and Leafers is the stuffed animal her PawPaw gave her.  PawPaw used to rescue a lot of dogs, but he is too old now to rescue any more.  Rosie and her mom take care of him at home.  Breathe it in and love it out, the best is yet to be.


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