Back to New England

Back from northern Arizona, back to the guitar-shrinking cold, back to the white-on-white landscape.  The south west desert makes me so happy, and I was so grateful to escape this New England winter for a while… to walk among the saguaro, to breathe in the big sky, to play some music with friends.

Getting to hang out with some old music buddies was the best part.  Here they are, below.  One is from AZ, one is from LA, one is from Hong Kong, and me, from CT.  We all went to high school together in New York.  That was a long time ago, and although they’re all professionals in other careers, they have never lost their love and practice of music.  These are some very fine guitar men and a kickin’ drummer.  We call our gathering ‘Acoustic Winter’.  One fella was missing this winter, our bass man from NY, who had to attend to some family business… but the love of music, collaborating, jamming, and sharing has a strong pull for all of us.  We try to get together every year, ‘God willing and the creek don’t rise.’

My sis also joined me for a couple of days in AZ.  She’s a horse gal and had a good 10 mile ride out of Carefree one day on a pure Arabian whom she said was being “jiggy”, and just wouldn’t settle down.  She also bought a new hat from

This is Rich Glisson, the owner, who’s been making and selling hats at rodeos and his retail location since 1981.  He has a few rescue dogs hanging out in the back that were also more than happy to give us some licks.  Rich is very knowledgeable about his craft and it was a pleasure talking with him.

Here’s my sis’s purchase, an Akubra - which is an Australian brand - their version of a Stetson, in terms of popularity and use.  This particular hat model is the Territory Western hat - named after Australia's Northern Territory, which has vast stretches of hot dry desert as well as wet tropical jungles.  It's a pinch crowned hat.   This gal is a cowgirl at heart and probably should be living near more horses...

Horses are indeed magnificent creatures, but I have no interest in riding them or having them.  Music’s my thang, however, I am addicted (like to Starbucks) to the Arabian horse show held at WestWorld in Scottsdale, it’s Class A and honestly stirs my soul, which I don’t understand.  There is no way to describe this event, but imagine being parachuted into a world of horses, hundreds of them doing different tasks, with riders wearing all kinds of garb, it’s out of my world and I love it…

AZ in the winter.  These are only a few reasons why I go…

Brown’s Ranch walk, part of:




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