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We’re coming out of winter hibernation here in the woods of Weston, CT, where talking about the weather has become THE conversation.  Those of us who live in the northeast endure the winters, we can’t much change them.  But when more light and sunshine appear, we crawl out of our holes on our bellies offering the soft sides up for warmth.

back woods of Easton

The streams are crashing full from lots of snow melt and rain, they cascade through the back woods over rocks as the skunk cabbage and bleeding hearts push their way through the dirt.  What’s on my mind?  What do I have to say lately?  I believe that songs need to say something.  It could be a story or message, or a list, or just an image, but songs should say or evoke something.  That’s what I like.  It's fun to just dig on the music, too, like singing a lullaby to my grandchildren who only respond to the cadence and rhythm of the words, not to what I’m actually saying.  Personally I want to hear what the songwriter has to say. 

This is rummaging around in my head this month… no musical structure yet, just a thought…

I hear the Canaan train blowing

Through the back woods tonight

It’s not just me you see

That feels a certain knowing


Standing still for way too long

The whistle stirs my soul

I’ve got to find who I am

Need to be strong

Need to be strong


It’s time to go because I know

My heart needs to heal

Time to see who I can be

Spin the prayer wheel

Spin the prayer wheel

Get on the road…

photo by Maggie Jo Shapiro, Georgetown, CT

Maybe, I've just had my fill of white snow and cold weather, hahahaa!  Warmth is coming...

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Prayer Wheel
I hear the Canaan train blowing, through the back woods tonight, it's not just me you see, that feels a certain knowing...
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