What is calling to you...?


What thoughts lie so deeply in your heart you can't ignore the whisperings of them, and your being seems to know the truth.  Deep down the flame of this knowing only needs air and light to grow and expand.  The time is now.  Your heart beats in the creation of your idea.  We are here in a blink, one sparkling wink, so whatever gives you pure joy, do it now without doubt. Get up and out and BE that joy.  Create exactly the life you desire.

Do what you can do

With where you are

And what you have


Some days there won't be a song in your heart.  Sing anyway.  ~Emory Austin


More music by Open Road, a band full of acoustic soul who I often collaborate with... musicbyopenroad.net













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Prayer Wheel
I hear the Canaan train blowing, through the back woods tonight, it's not just me you see, that feels a certain knowing...
Original tunes, enjoy!